Handmade & Custom Cabs

We offer a standard range of cabs for guitar and bass, in a variety of sizes from 1×10 to 4×15.

Skilled craftsmanship mixed with modern advances, and under pinned by maths. This enables us to build our custom products. Designed to give specific tonal responses, to be practical, and as well as being a thing of beauty. We take pride in listening to the needs of musicians. So therefore you can have not only a product to depend on, but one that inspires you too. From start to finish, we are here to work with you. Above all we make sure the end product is what you want, not something that you have to settle with. Contact us or use our cabinet calculator below to see the options available.


Made from 18mm, void free, high grade birch ply. Coupled with that, each piece is chosen for superior character of grain.

Dovetail joints. One of the strongest, most elegant joints. Most importantly this provides a large glue surface area for durability.

Metal inserts provides a larger contact area for added strength of hard wear

Rounded edges to give minimum sound deflection

U.V. fade resistant, vibrant stains that above all make the grain ‘pop’

Powder coated steel hard wear to provide sturdy connections and corner protection

Twin locking jacks eliminate the risk of accidental unplugging during live shows. In addition to this also gives future options of daisy chaining and recording ideas.

Heavy gauge speaker wire, with spade connectors and solder. As result this gives a durable, solid electrical connection.