About Soundune

Our products cater for the musicians who create and perform for the joy it brings…


I come from a long line of woodworkers. From horse loggers to aeroplane builders. I’ve always loved crafting with my hands, especially in wood. But my other passion has always been music. Growing up in London, a few minutes walk from Jim Marshall’s first shop, I was inspired by all the stories of music legends hanging out there. Perfecting and defining their sounds through what Jim could make in that first shop in Ealing. I did a diploma in drums and percussion, and knew that working with my hands and in music was something I’d have to do.

All our products are hand built. Clocking up so many hours working on each product means we have a very close relationship with them. Learning each part of the grain in the timber tells a complete story of the tree’s life, as well as how it will cut, move, take colors and finishes, even how it will sound. So we know that once its sent out, we’re completely happy with it.

Quality, not quantity is our way

virgil cain installing speakers in a custom guitar cabinet

Plastic and our Seas.

living by the sea is something special. I can’t imagine living anywhere else again. To have something so vast, comforting, beautiful,inspirational yet sometimes hostile on your doorstep is a huge presence that’s always there. Increasingly, our plastic problem means our sea’s and oceans might not always be there as we know them.I personally aim to pick up one piece of litter everyday. Recycling is obviously a good thing, but some materials cannot be recycled in a normal way. We need new ideas to cope with this ever increasing problem.

So, using recycled aluminium tubing, we’re starting to gear towards making our own custom knobs for our effects pedals. Each one will be individual, and filled with around 1 meter of discarded fishing line, or 5 meters of fishing net fibers with a plant based resin. 20 meters+ of lost tackle can be stored in the knobs of just one pedal, meaning its not on our beach, or going to landfill. watch this space!